Know How Sex Stories Can Turn People On


Sex stories continue to excite people as they feel hotter when they think about or read these stories. And it is viewed as a perfectly normal behavior. It has been proved that erotica increases the sex drive of women. Women who are habituated to reading erotic or romantic novels tend to possess 74 more sex compared to those women who do not. It happens as women do fantasize frequently compared to men. Again, they develop more realistic and intense sexual fantasies when they go through suggestive content.

According to a study, it has been found that women readers do not have more sex only, but they enjoy better sex as their partners to become more playful and adventurous. When women read sex stories, they become inspired to test female masturbation. In this process, they also come to know about the things they like and what they dislike. This includes finding out what these women love to role-play when there are with their partners. 

An overview of ballbusting

Ballbusting is a process that causes pain to the male testicles for various enjoyment reasons in place of self-defense. Women love ballbusting as it gives them the power that they can feel when they drop their males to the floor. They also find it interesting to see men groaning and squirming, holding their scrotums as they get a minor blow. Every man seems to enjoy his vulnerability when women exploit it. The cocks of men become erect when they think that women have been controlling them through their testicles. And most often, women look for the testicles of women when the matter comes to self-defense, and it always becomes a turn-on for many.

Ballbusting stories

When women read free ballbusting stories, they become excited. They prefer to read these stories as they contain more stories and context. Again they can also utilize their imagination more to make it work the best for them. Though erotic literature is not new, and it has existed since the seventeenth century due to the recent development of electronic books, this genre has hugely progressed. And readers are getting a discreet way to indulge in their preferred reading materials. 

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